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LG Washer Machine Error Codes

LG Washer Machine Error Codes

LG, a globally recognized brand, has consistently delivered innovative and reliable washing machines that make the chore of laundry more efficient and convenient. However, even the most advanced appliances can encounter issues, and understanding LG washer machine error codes is essential for maintaining their optimal performance.

At Appliance Repair Los Angeles, we recognize the importance of a well-functioning washing machine in your daily routine. That’s why we’ve created this informative blog to shed light on LG washer machine error codes and provide insights into how our team of seasoned professionals can help diagnose and resolve these issues promptly and effectively.


Error Code What it Means
OE The drain hose is probably kinked or clogged.
FE Overfill Detected
IE Water Fill Error
UE or UB Imbalance Load Detected
CL Child Lock Fault
SE/ LE Motor Fault Error
tCL Run the clean tub cycle
dE Door Lock Error
CE Current/ Circuit Error
Sud Too many suds in your load
Cd CD is not a real error code
PE Water Sensor Error
PF Power Failure Error
tE Water Heating Error


In conclusion, a thorough understanding of LG washer machine error codes is essential for prompt troubleshooting and maintenance. If you encounter any of these error codes or encounter any other issues with your LG washer, please do not hesitate to contact Appliance Repair Los Angeles for professional assistance. You can reach us at 323-792-1970. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your LG washer operates smoothly and efficiently.

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