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LG Washer Machine Error Codes

LG Washer Machine Error Code: FE

The FE error code in the LG washing machine is displayed both during the water gaining and in the rinse or washing mode of the laundry. So, with this code, the system signals that the tank of the washing machine is overfilled with water. In particular cases, it means that water has reached the maximum permissible rate.

Reasons For The Failure And Its Solutions

You can restart the LG front load washer. This method allows you to eliminate the failure of the electronic board and reset the error.

Remove the plug from the outlet to de-energize the LG front load machine for 15-20 minutes. When connected, check whether the FE fault code lights up again. If so, continue fixing.

The cause for the FE error may be an excessive foam formation during washing. This is possible if you load too light lace underwear (tablecloth, tulle) or just overfill the tank.

Do not lose sight of the spoiled or not suitable for washing powder for a washing machine. How to fix the situation:

  • Tilt the appliance back and place some blocks under the right corner. Thus, the washing machine will remain inclined.
  • Open the drain filter door. Place a capacious flat container for water. Use something like a basin.
  • The emergency water drain hose is installed to the left of the garbage filter. Open the cork and gradually drain water from the tank.
  • While you drain water, the hatch of the washing machine will block. Open the door and pull the wet laundry out of the drum into the clean basin, prepared before.
  • Unscrew the drain filter, clean it, and then screw it back.
  • Remove the powder collector and thoroughly rinse it from the powder residue. Then return it to the place.

Now you can turn on the washing machine again. As usual, load the powder into the tray and put laundry in the drum. Do not overload the device with linens. At the same time, do not put fewer things than needed. Loading should be normal. If you wash bulky items, do not put them in a lump form. Try to spread the laundry as much as possible inside the drum. That’s all, you can close the door and run the wash program again. If the FE error message occurs again, complete a comprehensive inspection of the LG washing machine.

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