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LG Washer Machine Error Codes

LG Washer Machine Error Code: PF

You habitually started the washing program, and after a while you found that the LG washing machine stopped and gives a PF error on the screen.

Error Decoding

The PF code means that a power failure has occurred on the control board during program execution.

In most cases, the reason for the appearance of PF on the display should be sought not in the washing machine, but in the problems of power supply of your house or apartment. A power outage or power surge in the network most often leads to this error. Therefore, if PF occurs once and does not recur, do not pay attention. Most likely, you just turned off the light. Press the START button to continue the program or start a new wash.

If a PF error occurs:

  • on a specific program, each wash;
  • during each wash on any program;
  • regularly, but without much regularity
  • then something is faulty, either in the washing machine or in the electricity from which the unit is powered. Let’s get it right.

PF Error In LG Typewriter – What To Do, How To Fix It Yourself

  • Check that the washing machine is connected to electricity correctly and securely. The outlet for the typewriter should be brought to a separate power line with its own machine. It is not allowed to connect the washing machine to the network through extension cords or sockets that are used for other household partitions.
  • Check the power cord and plug, they may be damaged and need to be replaced.
  • Disconnect the machine from the network for 10 – 15 minutes, and then turn it on again. The electronic controller (control board) may have malfunctioned.
  • Check the voltage in the mains, often the LG shows the PF code in case of under voltage. If suspicion is confirmed, call an electrician.
  • Check the power circuit from the interference filter to the electronic controller inside the washing machine. Perhaps the wire connections have moved away due to which the contact disappears and the error lights up.

Nothing helped? Does LG washing machine still write PF error? So, the malfunction lies in the washing machine itself.

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