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Samsung dryer error codes

Samsung Dryer Error Codes

In this post, we will focus on the iconic brand, Samsung Dryer, and explore common issues you may encounter. As a trusted service provider, Appliance Repair Los Angeles is here to help you keep your Samsung Dryer running smoothly. Along the way, we’ll refer to a handy table summarizing error codes and their causes.


A Guide by Appliance Repair Los Angeles

Error codes Cause
9C1, 9E, 2E, and 9E1 Voltage issues
bE, bE2, bC2, 6E, 6E2, and 6C2 Button jamming
dC, dE, dF, do, d0, 1 DC, and 1 dF Door problems
tS, t5, tC, tO, t0, tE, tE3, tC5, tCS, 1 tC, 1tC5, and 1tCS Temperature issues
HC, hE, HC4, and 1 HC Overheating
AC, Et, AE, EEE, AE4, AE3, AE5, E3, and 1 AC Internal communication problems
FC, FE, and 1 FC Frequency errors
Clg, Cg, C9, C80, C8, C90, C1, CL1, and Ct Vent blockage test errors.
3C Dryer motor issue
oD Dry time problem
1 AC7 Electronic control malfunction
HC2 Gas ignition issue


Maintaining your Samsung Dryer is essential for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. When confronted with error codes or operational problems, rest assured that our dedicated team at Appliance Repair Los Angeles is readily available to assist you. Feel free to consult the table provided earlier in this post to pinpoint the specific error code and its potential underlying causes. For expert troubleshooting and Samsung dryer repair services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at our contact number: 323-792-1970. Trust us to keep your Samsung Dryer running smoothly with Appliance Repair Los Angeles!


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