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Samsung dryer error codes

Samsung Dryer Error Codes: FC, FE, and 1 FC

Samsung dryer error codes FC, FE, and 1 FC are related to frequency errors, which indicate inconsistencies in the power source. These errors can disrupt the normal operation of your dryer. Here’s how to address these error code

  1. Check the Power Supply: Verify that your dryer is receiving a consistent and stable power supply. Inconsistent power can trigger these frequency-related errors. Ensure that the power source is reliable, and there are no electrical issues in your home’s wiring.
  2. Restart the Drying Cycle: Try restarting the drying cycle. Sometimes, these errors may be temporary glitches that can be resolved by simply restarting the dryer.

If the error codes persist after checking the power supply and attempting to restart the cycle, it’s recommended to contact a qualified technician. Frequency errors may indicate underlying electrical problems that require professional diagnosis and repair.

Dealing with frequency errors promptly will help ensure that your Samsung dryer operates smoothly and efficiently, while also preventing potential electrical issues.


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