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Samsung dryer error codes

Samsung Dryer Error Codes: HC, hE, HC4, and 1 HC

The major causes of an overheating dryer are clogging of the lint screen or vent, overloading, overusing, faulty sensors, or even a problematic heating element.

Out of all the technical faults, there are a few things that are controllable, such as clogs, overuse, and overloading the dryer.

Furthermore, timely maintenance of your dryer will prevent it from clogging.


How to fix the HC error code in a Samsung dryer?

Apart from the hC error code, there are a few other codes in Samsung dryers that point toward overheating problems such as hE, HC4, 1 HC, etc.

Here are some common causes for the hC error, along with some possible solutions.

1. Overusing

The first step is to determine if you have overused your dryer more than usual. If that is the case, then simply turn off the dryer and let it rest for some time, or use it after a gap of an hour or two.

2. Overloading

If you have loaded a lot of garments, which is beyond the dryer’s capacity, then that could be the possible reason for overheating. Simply turn off the dryer, and as it cools down, remove a few garments from the drum. Try running the dryer, and this should fix the error.

3. Drying Large Sheets

In some cases, if you have loaded a large garment or a king-size bedsheet with no room left in the drum. This will prevent the required airflow into the drum and lead to overheating.

4. Lint Screen

If your dryer is overheating, it’s time to check the lint filter to see if it needs to be cleaned. Depending on the dryer type you can locate and remove the lint screen along with its mounting bracket. Clean it thoroughly and reinstall it back to check if the problem still persists. If the filter is clean or if the error still appears after performing all the cleaning tasks, then the next step is to inspect the venting system.

5. Clogged Vent

One of the other common reasons for overheating could be that the air vents are blocked. The vents allow hot air to escape from the dryer, and if they are blocked, the hot air has nowhere to go. Hence it is always advised to clean the air vents regularly. Moreover, you should inspect them once a month to ensure they are clear and unobstructed. If the venting system is clear and the dryer still shoots the same error code, then the next step is to proceed toward the technical parts.

6. Power Surges

If you have noticed a power fluctuation issue in your household recently and if the dryer was running at the same time, it could be the possible cause of why the dryer is overheating. Simply halt the dryer mid-cycle and unplug it from power. Then, run the dryer only after the power supply stabilizes. Running a dryer or any other appliance during power surges can lead to damage to the unit, especially the electrical components.

7. Check the Wires

Start by unplugging the wire from the power socket and seeing if it shows any signs of wear and tear. If the power cables are worn out, replace them, and if they’re in a good condition, try switching the socket.

8. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is one of the most common reasons for an error code like hC. A thermostat is responsible for maintaining the temperature in the dryer. It senses when the dryer has reached the set temperature and then turns off the heating element. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, it will not be able to sense the temperature correctly, which will result in the dryer overheating. You can check the thermostat with a multimeter to see if it is working correctly or not.


If the error codes persist after checking ventilation, cleaning the lint screen, and performing a reset, or if you are unsure about any of the steps, it’s recommended to contact a qualified technician. They can inspect your Samsung dryer for any internal issues that may be causing overheating and provide the necessary repairs.

By addressing overheating issues promptly and maintaining proper ventilation, you can ensure the safe and efficient operation of your Samsung dryer.

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