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Thermador Refrigerator Error Codes

Thermador Refrigerator Error Codes

When it comes to premium appliances, Thermador stands out as a brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance. Thermador refrigerators are no exception, offering cutting-edge features and elegant designs to complement your kitchen. However, like any sophisticated piece of technology, they may encounter issues from time to time, including error codes that can leave you puzzled.

In this blog, we will explore common Thermador refrigerator error codes and their solutions. We understand the value of your Thermador appliance, and our team of experts at Appliance Repair Los Angeles is here to help you decode those cryptic error messages and get your Thermador refrigerator back to its optimal working condition.

Whether you own a Thermador side-by-side refrigerator, a built-in unit, or any other model from their extensive range, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve the specific error codes unique to your Thermador refrigerator.


Error Code Causes
E01 Faulty Refrigerator Sensor or Short Circuitb        Learn More
E02 Freezer Sensor Fault or Short Circuit        Learn More
E05 or E06 Refrigerator Evaporator Sensor Fault        Learn More
E07 Faulty Freezer Evaporator Sensor        Learn More
E10 Failure of Software or Firmware in the Power Module        Learn More
E11 Software or Firmware error in the Display Module        Learn More
E15 Refrigerator Is Too Warm        Learn More
E20 Power and Display Module are Not Communicating        Learn More


These error codes can signal issues with temperature regulation, defrost systems, sensors, or other components. It’s crucial to address them promptly to ensure your refrigerator maintains the right conditions for your food storage needs.

Our team is well-versed in Thermador appliances and can swiftly diagnose the root cause of the error codes, providing efficient and effective solutions to get your refrigerator back in working order.

Don’t let Thermador refrigerator error codes disrupt your daily life. Contact Appliance Repair Los Angeles at 323-792-1970, and let our professionals take care of your Thermador refrigerator, so you can continue to enjoy its performance and reliability. We’re your trusted partner in keeping your Thermador appliance running smoothly.

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