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Thermador Refrigerator Error Codes

Thermador Refrigerator Error Code E05 or E06

These error codes indicate a “Refrigerator Evaporator Sensor Fault.” In simpler terms, the sensor responsible for monitoring and regulating the refrigerator’s temperature is encountering difficulties. When this sensor becomes unreachable, it can lead to temperature irregularities, potentially compromising the freshness of your stored food.

Possible Causes:

  1. Wiring Issues: Error Code E05 or E06 can often be attributed to a wiring problem between the evaporator sensor and the main control board. A loose or damaged wire connection can disrupt the communication between the sensor and the control board.
  2. Faulty Evaporator Sensor: Sometimes, the sensor itself may be the culprit. If the sensor malfunctions, it may not send accurate temperature data to the control board, triggering the error code.

Steps to Diagnose and Resolve:

  1. Check Wiring: The first step is to examine the wiring between the evaporator sensor and the main control board. Look for loose or damaged wires, and ensure all connections are secure. If you discover any issues, reseat the connections or replace the damaged wires.
  2. Sensor Inspection: If the wiring appears to be in good condition, the next step is to inspect the evaporator sensor itself. Check for visible damage or signs of malfunction. If the sensor is defective, it will likely need to be replaced.

While diagnosing and resolving simple wiring issues may be within reach for some DIY enthusiasts, dealing with the sensor or more complex problems may require professional assistance. Thermador refrigerators are sophisticated appliances, and it’s crucial to address issues with expertise and precision.

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