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Thermador Refrigerator Error Codes

Thermador Refrigerator Error Code E15

If you own a Thermador refrigerator and encounter the E15 error code, you might notice that your refrigerator is not performing as expected. This particular error code signifies that the refrigerator is too warm, which can lead to concerns about food safety and freshness. In this article, we will delve into the causes of the E15 error code and explore potential solutions to get your Thermador refrigerator back to its optimal cooling performance.

Understanding the E15 Error Code:

The E15 error code on your Thermador refrigerator is an indicator that the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment is not at the desired level. When the refrigerator is too warm, it can compromise the preservation of your food and beverages.

Common Causes of the E15 Error Code:

  1. Faulty Temperature Sensor: One of the most common reasons for the E15 error is a malfunctioning temperature sensor. The sensor is responsible for monitoring the internal temperature and sending this data to the control board. When it fails, the refrigerator cannot accurately regulate its temperature.
  2. Defective Control Board: The control board is the brain of your refrigerator, managing various functions, including temperature control. A malfunctioning control board can lead to erroneous temperature readings and trigger the E15 error.

Solutions for Resolving the E15 Error:

  1. Replace the Temperature Sensor: If the error code is due to a faulty temperature sensor, replacing it is a viable solution. Consult your Thermador refrigerator’s user manual or seek professional help to identify the sensor and install a new one.
  2. Reset the Control Board: In some cases, power cycling or resetting the control board can clear the error code. Unplug your refrigerator from the power source for a few minutes, then plug it back in. This can sometimes resolve minor control board issues.

Remember that issues like the E15 error code should not be ignored, as they can affect the safety of your stored food. Prompt action is essential to ensure your Thermador refrigerator continues to maintain the right temperature for proper food storage.

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