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Whirlpool Oven Error Codes

Whirlpool Oven Error Codes

Whirlpool, a renowned household appliance brand, is known for its commitment to innovation and quality. Whirlpool ovens are no exception, offering a range of features and cooking options to meet your culinary needs. However, like any sophisticated appliance, Whirlpool ovens can encounter error codes, which can be both confusing and disruptive to your cooking routine.

Expert Help with Whirlpool Oven Error Codes:
Our team of skilled technicians at Appliance Repair Los Angeles specializes in diagnosing and resolving issues with Whirlpool ovens. Whether you’re dealing with error codes related to temperature, door locks, or other functions, we’ve got you covered.

With a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of Whirlpool appliances, we are your go-to solution for addressing Whirlpool oven error codes. Our expert technicians are equipped to quickly identify the problem and provide effective solutions to get your oven back in working order.


Error Code Causes
F1, F5, F7, F8, F2-E0, F2-E5 There is a control-related part failure, stuck or defective keypad.       Learn More
F3, F4, F3-E1, F3-E2, F3-E3 Oven temperature sensor has failed.       Learn More
F9, F5-E0 Oven temperature is too high (Bake or Clean mode)       Learn More
F2, F3-E2, F3-E3 Oven door lock malfunction       Learn More


Don’t let error codes deter you from enjoying the convenience and versatility of your Whirlpool oven. Contact Appliance Repair Los Angeles at 323-792-1970 for prompt and reliable assistance. We are committed to ensuring your Whirlpool oven operates smoothly, allowing you to get back to creating delicious meals without the hassle of error codes.

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