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Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes

Kenmore is a well-known and trusted brand in the world of refrigeration. Known for its reliability and innovative features, Kenmore refrigerators have found their way into countless homes, making daily life more convenient. These refrigerators come equipped with advanced technology to ensure your food stays fresh and your beverages stay cold.

However, even the most dependable appliances can experience issues from time to time. When it comes to Kenmore refrigerators, one common challenge users may face is deciphering and resolving error codes. These codes can appear for various reasons, from temperature irregularities to sensor malfunctions.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the issue behind the error code and implement the necessary repairs. We have a deep understanding of Kenmore’s technology and can quickly get your refrigerator back to its optimal performance.


Error Code Causes
Er FS Freezer sensor error       Learn More
Er rS Refrigerator sensor error       Learn More
F dS Freezer defrost sensor       Learn More
r dS Refrigerator defrost sensor       Learn More
Er HS Humidity sensor       Learn More
Er IS Ice maker sensor       Learn More
Er SS Pantry sensor       Learn More
Er rt Room temperature sensor       Learn More
Er It System error inside ice maker       Learn More
Er gF Flow meter error code       Learn More
F dH Sensor did not get over 40 F in defrost       Learn More
Er IF The fan for the ice compartment failed       Learn More
Er FF Evaporator fan failed       Learn More
Er CF Condenser fan motor is defective       Learn More
Er CO Communication error       Learn More
E Od Wi-Fi modem failure       Learn More


Don’t let error codes disrupt your life. For professional assistance with Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes in the Los Angeles area, contact us at 323-792-1970. We are dedicated to ensuring your Kenmore refrigerator functions flawlessly, keeping your food fresh and your convenience intact.

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