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Whirlpool Washer Error Codes

Whirlpool Washer Error Code: LoC or LC

If the control lock has been activated, the control will not function. If you try to push buttons, you may see the code “LoC” or “LC” (depending on your model). This is a reminder that you have set the control lock, and need to de-activate it to allow the washer controls to function.

Activating the Control Lock:

Touch and hold for 3 seconds to lock the controls to avoid unwanted changes or operation. For each second CONTROL LOCK is held down, the display will count down one second: you will see “3,” then “2,” then “1” then “LC” or “LoC”. You may still touch START to pause the cycle, or touch POWER to turn off the washer.

De-Activating the Control Lock:

Touch and hold 3 seconds again to de-activate the Control Lock.

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