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Whirlpool Washer Error Codes

Whirlpool Washer Error Code: F0 E5 or ob

These Error Codes will appear once the cycle has completed indicating there was a balancing issue with the cycle. You may notice the cycle time was longer than initially displayed, or the clothing is still dripping wet. This is likely because a sizeable unbalanced load could result in reduced spin speeds, which removes less water from the clothing during the spin cycles.

If the load is not dripping wet, then the cycle finished as expected but took more time than expected to balance.

If the load is dripping, see the following troubleshooting tips.

Is the washer overloaded?

Avoid tightly packing the load. Clothing should move freely within the washer. Remove a few of the items and run a “Drain & Spin” cycle to finish removing water from the load.

Were you washing a bulky item by itself?

Avoid washing single items, especially bulky items. Balance a single item such as a rug or jeans jacket with a few extra garments and run a “Drain and & Spin” cycle.

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