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Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes

Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes

Discover the world of Whirlpool refrigerators, where innovation meets reliability. Whirlpool is a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, committed to making everyday chores more manageable. Their refrigerators are no exception, featuring cutting-edge technology to keep your food fresh and your kitchen organized.

However, even the most reliable appliances may encounter issues from time to time. If you ever come across perplexing Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes, you don’t need to worry. Our team of expert technicians at Appliance Repair Los Angeles is here to assist you in deciphering and resolving these error codes, ensuring your Whirlpool refrigerator runs smoothly once again.

Have you encountered a flashing error code on your Whirlpool refrigerator’s display? Is your appliance acting up or failing to maintain the optimal temperature? Whether you’re dealing with temperature sensor problems, defrost cycle issues, or any other error code, we’ve got you covered.


Error Code Description
E0 or F0 Power Loss or Open Door       Learn More
E1 or F1 Refrigerator Temperature Sensor Fault       Learn More
E2 or F2 Freezer Sensor Fault or Evaporator Fan Error       Learn More
E3 or F3 Defrost Sensor Fault or Condenser Fan Error       Learn More
E4 or F4 Fridge Defrost Sensor Fault       Learn More
E5 or F5 Freezer Defrost Sensor Fault or Ice Maker Error       Learn More
E6 or F6 Communication Error       Learn More
E7 or F7 Environmental Temperature Sensor Fault       Learn More
E8 or F8 Refrigerator System Error       Learn More
E9 or F9 Freezer high temperature alarm       Learn More
PO Power Outage or Power On Delay       Learn More
PE Power Error       Learn More
PC Pantry Drawer Temperature Sensor Error       Learn More
HRS High Refrigerator Temperature Alarm       Learn More
LRS Low Refrigerator Temperature Alarm       Learn More
SY or CE Communication Error Between User Interface and Main Control Board       Learn More
LC Leak Sensor Error       Learn More
rd Refrigerator Defrost Heater Error       Learn More
DF Defrost Failure       Learn More


Don’t let Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes disrupt your daily routine. Call us at 323-792-1970, and let our skilled professionals provide you with prompt, reliable, and efficient solutions. We understand the importance of a well-functioning refrigerator, and we’re here to ensure your Whirlpool refrigerator operates at its best. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

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