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Whirlpool Dryer Major Issues

Whirlpool Dryer Noisy Operation

A Whirlpool dryer making noise that sounds like low humming is part of normal operation. The motor typically makes a quiet humming noise when the dryer is on, while the blower wheel makes a similar sound as it rotates. Both of these sounds are normal and don’t indicate a problem.

Squeaks, Squeals, And Grinding In A Whirlpool Dryer

A squeaking, grinding, or screeching Whirlpool dryer is often the result of a small object caught in the drum seam. Coins, paperclips, or loose buttons are common items that can get caught in the front or rear seam, resulting in these loud sounds. Turn the dryer off and examine both seams. Carefully remove any trapped objects before resuming the drying cycle.

Thumping Or Pounding Noise

Is your noisy Whirlpool dryer making thumping or pounding sounds? These common noises can have one of several possible causes.

The following issues may result in thumping and pounding sounds:

  • Leveling legs are uneven: Check all four legs to make sure they make even contact with the floor, adjusting them up or down as needed.
  • Large items have clumped together: Blankets, sheets or comforters may clump on one side of the drum during drying. When this happens, pause the drying cycle and redistribute them throughout the drum. When placing large, wet items in the dryer, position them loosely to prevent clumping.
  • A long period of unuse: When the dryer hasn’t been used in a long time the drum support rollers can flatten. When this happens they may make a thumping sound during the first few minutes of use. The rollers typically regain their shape as the cycle continues and the sound should cease.

Dryer Makes A Knocking Or Rattling Sound

Knocking or rattling sounds are common reasons for a Whirlpool dryer making noise and can also have several possible causes.

These issues may result in knocking or rattling sounds:

  • Open buttons or metal fasteners: If metal buttons or zippers aren’t closed during drying, they can make knocking sounds as they rotate in the dryer drum. Always close buttons and zippers and make sure pockets are empty before drying.
  • Items in close proximity to dryer: If objects are resting against or on top of the dryer during operation, knocking or rattling sounds can occur. Even the washer can cause these sounds if it’s placed too close to the dryer. Remove any objects that are in close proximity to the dryer before starting a cycle. Also, ensure that there is at least an inch of space between the washer and dryer to limit rattling and vibrations.
  • Objects in dryer pedestal during operation: Stored items in the dryer pedestal can make knocking sounds when the dryer operates. If your dryer is mounted on a pedestal, empty it of any items before starting a drying cycle.

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