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Viking Refrigerator Major Issues

Viking Refrigerator Water Leakage

Like almost every refrigerator brand, Viking refrigerator problems often include leaks. Why is my Viking refrigerator leaking water? A damaged door seal can create condensation that leaks from the door. Pinpoint the most common sources of refrigerator leaks with these troubleshooting tips.

How To Fix A Viking Refrigerator Leaking Water

Leaks not only leave behind messy puddles but can overwork the refrigerator, shortening its lifespan. Here’s how to determine if a DIY fix or professional repair can stop a Viking refrigerator leaking water and elongate its life.

Damaged Refrigerator Door Seal

While the rubber door seal forms an airtight closure when the doors are closed, it can crack, tear or loosen over time. When this happens, warm air entering the refrigerator’s cool interior forms Viking refrigerator condensation that leaks from the doors.

Inspect the door seal for damage that can allow warm air to enter. If the door seal is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Defrost Drain Is Blocked Or Clogged

The defrost drain tube transports excess water from the defrost system to the drain pan below the refrigerator. Given its location along the back wall of the freezer, residual water droplets can freeze inside the tube and drain, creating a clog. Debris and food particles can also create blockages in or around the drain. When obstructions occur, water may leak from the bottom of the refrigerator.

To stop the leak, the drain tube and/or drain must be cleared of any obstructions. A Viking refrigerator defrost drain location is usually behind the freezer’s rear wall panel. After removing the panel, use a hairdryer to melt away any accumulated ice. Flush the drain with hot water to melt ice blockages or use a straight, sturdy piece of wire to remove visible obstructions.

Water Leaking From Water Filter

Water filter issues are commonly responsible for a Viking refrigerator leaking water. These leaks typically occur inside the refrigerator or the filter’s housing.

These refrigerator water filter problems often result in leaks:

  • Damage: A filter head that’s cracked or missing its seal can cause leaks inside the refrigerator.
  • Clogs: A clogged filter that’s overdue for replacement can also result in interior leaks.
  • Improper installation: A filter that’s not stalled correctly can cause leaks inside the filter housing. Check your Viking user manual to confirm that the filter is installed properly.
  • Cracks in filter housing: Cracks in the filter housing can cause leaks inside the refrigerator. If the housing is damaged, it should be professionally replaced.

Water Inlet Valve Leaking

The water inlet valve opens and closes to allow water from your home supply to flow through your Viking refrigerator water line. This water then supplies the refrigerator with filtered water and ice. Located in close proximity to the water line at the bottom of the refrigerator, a cracked or broken valve can cause leaks on the floor below.

As it’s difficult to access the water inlet valve for inspection, it should be assessed by a professional and replaced, if necessary.

Refrigerator Drain Pan Leaking

The drain pan beneath the refrigerator collects residual water from the defrost system, where it eventually evaporates. Cracks in the drain pan result in a Viking refrigerator leaking water on the floor underneath, necessitating that it be replaced.

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