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Viking Refrigerator Major Issues

Viking Refrigerator Unusual Noises

You may not realize how quietly your refrigerator operates until it starts running loud. Why is your Viking refrigerator making noise? While a quiet hum is part of normal operation, loud humming could indicate a failing compressor. Learn the most common reasons for loud refrigerator noises and how to restore the peace and quiet.

Click, Buzz, Hum: Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Making Noise?

While some refrigerator noises are typical operating sounds, others could indicate a problem. The volume and repetitiveness of the sound are also factors to consider when troubleshooting a Viking refrigerator making noise. The following sound guide uses all this information to help distinguish normal refrigerator noise from a cry for help.

Clicking Noises

Viking refrigerators often make brief clicking sounds during the course of daily operation. They usually occur when different electronic controls turn on and off or as the defrost system or compressor start or complete their cycles. Sometimes, a Viking refrigerator clicking noise occurs if the water line isn’t connected to your home’s supply or if it’s valve is loose.

How to fix it: 

If the clicking lasts beyond a few seconds, it’s likely the sound of the ice maker trying to access water from the empty line. In this case, check the water line to make sure it’s connected correctly or tighten the valve so water can adequately flow.

Gurgling Or Dripping Sounds

Is your Viking refrigerator loud with gurgling and dripping sounds? As alarming as this noise can be, it often indicates normal functions.

Here’s why Viking refrigerator gurgling sounds often occur:

  • Ice maker is on: Dripping sounds may be heard as the ice maker fills with water.
  • Refrigerant is flowing: The refrigerant can make gurgling noises as it flows through the evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Defrost system is operating: Water dripping from the evaporator coils to the drip tray is part of normal defrost system function.

However, if the dripping sound is accompanied by puddles inside the refrigerator or on the floor there may be a leak. Leaks inside the refrigerator commonly occur at the water dispenser or ice maker. Water on the floor may be from a defrost system leak.

How to fix it:

  • Water dispenser leaks: Check the water filter to make sure it’s free of damage and installed properly. Change the filter if necessary.
  • Ice maker leaks: Make sure the water line is properly connected and secured.
  • Defrost system leaks: This internal system requires a professional service to assess the source of the leak.

Viking Refrigerator Buzzing Noise

A Viking refrigerator making noise that sounds like buzzing can also be attributed to the ice maker filling with water. This normal sound should stop after several seconds. However, a buzzing sound can also occur if the refrigerator’s light is going out or if one of the fan motors is failing.

How to fix it:

While some refrigerator light bulbs can be changed by hand, others require professional assistance. If your Viking refrigerator making buzzing noise is coupled with the refrigerator not cooling sufficiently, a failing evaporator or condenser fan is likely responsible. These fans help cool the flowing refrigerant and require professional replacement if their motors fail.

Humming Sounds

In most cases, a Viking refrigerator making noise that sounds like a low hum indicates normal operation. This quiet humming usually occurs when the compressor is operating. However, if you suddenly find the refrigerator making loud humming noise it could indicate compressor failure. When this happens, you may also notice the refrigerator runs all the time or has trouble maintaining its temperature.

How to fix it: 

A failing compressor may continue operating for an indeterminate amount of time. However, it should be professionally replaced as soon as possible to avoid complete failure and a loss of refrigerator function.

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