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Viking Oven Self-Cleaning Problems

A Viking oven is an appliance that makes our life easier. Viking is a world-renowned brand that provides so many options where you can cook, roast, bake, heat, or even dry. Even if it is a high-end appliance, your Viking oven can malfunction.

Many consumers call professionals to repair the issue, but as a matter of fact, you can easily troubleshoot the glitch on your own. Well, if you are searching for ways to fix your Viking oven, stop right here! This article will discuss some common issues related to your Viking oven and introduce some tips and ways to troubleshoot the issue without any professional help.

Common Issues Of Viking Self-Cleaning Oven

Before we get down to business, we need to know about the common issues that can malfunction your appliance. Your Viking oven has so many working and critical parts that are prone to problems, and we are here to discuss five problems that are very common in Viking ovens.

Your Oven Takes So Much Time To Heat Up

Generally, you would see a Viking oven has two fragile points- heating elements and a thermostat. If you see the machine is not able to reach the temperature, there is a possibility that something is wrong with either of these parts. Check the heating elements if they are not heating the way they are supposed to. Make sure to check the contact points of these parts.

Your Oven Won’t Start

If your Viking oven doesn’t turn on, whether it is a gas or electric oven, the first thing while troubleshooting a range that doesn’t turn on is to examine the breaker box. For example, a power surge may result in the circuit breaker switch tripping in the “off” position.

While checking the switch that runs your oven, make sure the switch is in the “on” position, and the oven is connected to a 220-240 V outlet in order to supply sufficient power.

A malfunction in the thermostat, a defective oven temperature sensor, or a faulty control board can also prevent the oven from turning on properly. In the case of a gas oven, the gas valve or the igniter can cause the problem.

Your Oven Door Doesn’t Close Properly

If you see the door hinges not closing properly, it may be time to replace it. You need to disassemble the door and might also remove the side panel as well. Check if the oven racks are properly installed.

Your Oven Won’t Cook Evenly

The bake and broil elements need to be checked for this issue. If the elements aren’t conducting the heat as they are supposed to be, do a visual test by preheating the oven. If the bake and broil elements are glowing red colour, everything is fine.

Set your oven to a bake setting and check if the bake and broil elements at the bottom are constantly glowing red. If you notice some blisters or breaks in either of them, replace them immediately.

Your Oven Light Isn’t Working

If you see the light not working properly, an easy troubleshoot will be to replace the light bulb with a new one. Check the user manual and use a bulb with the right wattage according to the recommendation in the manual.

If you still face the problem, call an electrician to check the issues, including the control board, and the light switch. We strongly prohibit you from checking for yourself unless you are a certified electrician.

The Burner Isn’t Igniting

In most cases, you will see the burners fail to ignite due to clogged burners. The method is simple, just take off the burner from the oven and clean it properly.

This will be likely to solve the problems with the burners. It is good for your appliance to clean the burner regularly. It will ensure its longevity.

If the burner isn’t working even after changing or cleaning, you will need to check the electrode. If the electrode is not getting enough power, it will not heat up and prevent the burner from igniting.

Call a professional technician to change the electrode, and make sure you are buying the electrode from a quality brand for longer functionality.

Oh, another thing, change the knobs also; a faulty knob can also affect the ignition.

The Igniter Won’t Spark

Sometimes issues may arise from a dislocated igniter. This can happen if the electrode fails to create the electric arch with the burner’s surface, to be precise.

You can notice this issue if the electrode is too far away from the surface of the burner. This can also be caused by food residues clogging the burner.

The first step of troubleshooting this problem is to check the burner if it is cleaned. If the burner is clear of food residues, make sure the burner cap is in the right place.

Moreover, check if the burner cap sits firmly over the burner head. Touch the cap and make sure it doesn’t wobble much.

The Self-Cleaning Function Stops Working

If the self-cleaning feature is off the chart, push the range door closed. Make sure to shut the door tightly or the self cleaning process will not start. If you still face the issue, the temperature knob might be the problem in this case.

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