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Viking Dishwasher Major Issues

Viking Dishwasher Door Latch Failure

Dishwasher latches can disconnect frequently because that’s what people touch the most. If your dishwasher latch won’t open the door — or stops your machine from working — you can easily replace the switch in just a few minutes. Here’s how to repair your Viking FDW100 Dishwasher in just a few steps.:

  1. Find the model number for your specific dishwasher in order to find the correct latch. You will have better luck finding the part online, both because of the wide variety of sites and because appliance parts are cheaper online than they are in a store. Even if you don’t have an FDW100, the basic procedure and safety steps remain the same.
  2. Turn off the power to the dishwasher via the circuit breaker. This step is essential no matter what you’re repairing on an appliance because many of the electrical components are interconnected and you don’t want to hurt yourself or your machine. Once the power is off, force the door open by grabbing the sides of the door and pulling from the top.
  3. Remove all the screws around the edge of the door’s interior in order to reach the latch’s base. The interior of the door is often covered by just one large sheet of plastic, and most of your components for any repair job will be under it.
  4. Remove the wires from the latch. The left and the right sides each have a different group of wires, so be sure to keep track off which wires attach to which side for the installation of the new part.
  5. Place the wire ends onto the new latch, snap the latch in place, and put all the screws back into the dishwasher edge to put everything back together.
  6. Turn on the power and test your new latch.

Even though there is some wiring in this repair, it’s an easy repair job for novices and for people who have been repairing their own appliances for a while.

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