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Thermador Refrigerator Major Issues

Thermador Refrigerator Water Leakage

01 – Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain

If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the compartment. This water can eventually leak onto the floor. Check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen. If the defrost drain is frozen, thaw the ice. In addition, flush the drain with hot water to ensure that it is clear of debris.

02 – Thermador Refrigerator Door Gasket

If a refrigerator is leaking water outside the appliance, it’s possible a door gasket is damaged. A door gasket that does not form a proper seal to the refrigerator frame will allow warm humid air to enter the refrigerator or freezer compartment. This can create condensation which can then leak out the gap between the gasket and frame onto the floor. You should inspect the door gasket for any tears or twists and replace the gasket if necessary.

03 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Tank Assembly

Inspect the water tank assembly for any leaks. Be aware that the leak may be very small and hard to find. If you discover a leak, replace the water tank. Do not attempt to repair the water tank—glue will not stick properly to the plastic of the tank.

04 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve opens to supply water to the dispenser and icemaker. If the water inlet valve is cracked or has a loose fitting, water will leak from the valve. Inspect the water inlet valve for cracks, and make sure that it is tightly secured to the water supply line.

05 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

Inspect the water filter housing for cracks. If you discover any cracks in the water filter housing, replace the housing.

06 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter Head

The water filter head might be cracked, or the seal may be torn or missing. Inspect the water filter housing for cracks. If you discover any cracks in the water filter housing, replace it.

07 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Line

If a refrigerator is leaking water behind the appliance, one of the water lines providing water to the dispenser or ice maker could be damaged. Over time, the plastic lines can become brittle and develop cracks. You should inspect the water line for any cracks or holes and replace the water line with a new one.

08 – Thermador Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly

A refrigerator leaking water inside the freezer compartment could be caused by a damaged ice maker assembly such as a cracked ice tray. The ice maker may also not be aligned under the fill tube properly, allowing water to drip into the freezer compartment. Inspect the ice maker assembly for any damage and replace the ice maker if necessary.

09 – Thermador Refrigerator Hose Connector

If a refrigerator is leaking water behind the appliance, one of the water line hose connectors could be damaged. A hose connector is the component that joins two water lines together to provide a water supply to the dispenser or ice maker. Inspect the hose connectors for any cracks and replace if necessary.

10 – Thermador Refrigerator Drain Pan

Self-defrosting refrigerators are equipped with a drain pan. The drain pan collects the water that melts from the evaporator coils. In order to evaporate the water in the drain pan, the condenser fan blows warm air from the condenser coils across the top of the drain pan. Because the condenser fan evaporates the water from the drain pan, the drain pan does not have to be emptied. However, if the drain pan is cracked, it will leak water as the defrost cycle is running. Inspect the drain pan for cracks. If the drain pan is cracked, replace it. 

11 – Cracked or broken supply lines

Check to see if the water supply line to the refrigerator is cracked or broken, if applicable. Replace the line if necessary. You can shut the water off at the valve until the faulty line is replaced.

12 – Thermador Refrigerator Tube

Refrigerators will have drain tubes installed to guide condensation from the evaporator to a drain pan near the bottom of the appliance. If a drain tube is damaged or detached the condensation can leak onto the floor. Inspect any tubes for damage and replace if necessary.

13 – Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter

The water filter might be not fitted properly on the filter housing. If the water filter is not fitted properly, water may leak from the filter. Remove and reinstall the filter to ensure that it is fitted properly.

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