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Thermador Oven Error Codes

Thermador Oven Error Code E124 or E126

Thermador ovens are renowned for their precision and performance, but even these exceptional appliances can encounter occasional hiccups, like the E124 or E126 error codes. These specific error codes indicate a disagreement between the upper oven door switch and the upper oven door latch switch. While these codes may seem perplexing, our comprehensive guide will help you understand, troubleshoot, and potentially resolve the issue.

1. Disconnect Electrical Power:

Safety always comes first. Before attempting any checks or repairs, disconnect the electrical power from your oven to ensure your safety.

2. Examine Wire Harness Connections:

The heart of this issue often lies in the wire harness connections. Inspect the connections on both the upper oven door switch and the upper oven door latch. Look for loose wires or damaged wire harnesses.

3. Reconnect or Replace:

If you find any loose wires, securely reconnect them. In the case of damaged wire harnesses, it’s best to replace them to ensure proper functionality.

4. Upper Oven Door Switch Inspection:

Focus on the upper oven door switch. Verify if it correctly controls the oven light. If it doesn’t, it may need replacement.

5. Upper Oven Door Latch Assembly Replacement:

If the upper oven door switch is functioning correctly but the problem persists, it’s time to consider the upper oven door latch assembly’s condition. Replacing it might be necessary.

6. Electronic Oven Control Board Replacement:

If, after addressing the above steps, the error code issue continues to persist, the culprit may be the electronic oven control board. Replacing this component may be the final step to resolve the error.

Thermador ovens are intricate appliances, and when faced with error codes like E124 or E126, it’s essential to follow these systematic steps. If you find yourself uncertain or uncomfortable with any of these procedures, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.

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