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Thermador Oven Error Codes

Thermador Oven Error Code E107

If you’ve encountered Thermador oven error code E107, which indicates that the upper oven door latch is not unlocking, it’s essential to address this issue promptly to ensure your oven operates smoothly. Here’s a detailed guide on diagnosing and resolving this error:

1. Disconnect Electrical Power:

Safety first. Before performing any checks or repairs, disconnect the electrical power to the oven. This step is crucial to prevent electrical accidents.

2. Examine the Upper Oven Door Latch Wire Harness Connections:

Carefully inspect the wire harness connections for the upper oven door latch. Look for loose or disconnected wires. A loose connection can be a common cause of this error code.

3. Reconnect or Replace Wire Harness:

If you find any loose wires, make sure to reconnect them securely. Test the oven to see if the issue persists. If the wire harness is damaged, it’s advisable to replace it with a new one to ensure proper connectivity.

4. Replace Upper Oven Door Latch Assembly:

If addressing the wire harness connections doesn’t resolve the problem, the next step is to replace the upper oven door latch assembly. This component is critical for the proper locking and unlocking of the oven door.

5. Consider Replacing the Electronic Oven Control Board:

If the issue continues even after replacing the upper oven door latch assembly, it may be necessary to replace the electronic oven control board. This component is responsible for the oven’s overall operation and may be a contributing factor to the error.

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