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Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Major Issues

Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Temperature Control Panel Not Responding

If the temperature control panel on your Sub-Zero Wine Cooler is not responding, it can be a frustrating issue. Here are steps to help you troubleshoot and potentially resolve this problem:

Check the Electrical Supply:

  1. Verify power is supplied to the unit.
  2. Reset the unit’s electrical supply at the home circuit breaker for 30 seconds and retest.
  3. Verify the unit is not connected to a tripped GFCI.
  4. If accessible, test the electrical outlet that the unit is plugged into.

Check the Unit Settings:

  1. Verify that the zone is not turned off. If the zone is off, double dashes (–) on the control panel will appear.
  2. If lights are out in the unit, the control may appear unresponsive as the display panel is backlit.
  3. Verify the unit is not in Sabbath Mode.
    • For drawer units with a separate control for the drawer section, make sure the wire harness (communication cable) is securely plugged in the back of cabinet behind the drawer.
    • If the control panel is still not working, regardless of whether the refrigerator is running, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product.


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