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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Codes

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Code: EC 86

If you see Sub-Zero refrigerator error code EC 86, there’s a communication failure between the compressor and main control board. This can be due to a loose connection, an issue with the wiring, or damage to the board.

Understanding the Cause: Communication Failure

  1. Loose Connection: A loose or disconnected connection between the compressor and the control board can disrupt communication.
  2. Wiring Issues: Problems with the wiring that links the compressor and the control board, such as damage or wear, can hinder their interaction.
  3. Board Damage: Physical damage to the main control board itself can lead to communication issues.

If you’re experiencing this error code, it’s best to call a Sub-Zero repair expert for help. Electrical issues are complex and best handled by a professional who can ensure the job is done safely without voiding your warranty.

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