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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Codes

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Code: EC 55

The most common cause of EC 55 is a malfunction or issue with the evaporator thermistor. The evaporator thermistor is responsible for monitoring the temperature in the freezer. Several factors can contribute to this error:

  1. Loose Connection: A loose or disconnected connection between the evaporator thermistor and its wiring can lead to inaccurate temperature readings and trigger EC 55.
  2. Wiring Problems: Issues with the wiring connected to the evaporator thermistor, such as damage or wear, can affect its functionality.
  3. Damage to the Thermistor: Physical damage to the evaporator thermistor can cause it to malfunction, leading to temperature-related issues and the EC 55 error.

Solutions for EC 55 Error Code:

  1. Check Thermistor Connection: Start by inspecting the connection between the evaporator thermistor and its wiring. Ensure it is securely connected and not loose or disconnected.
  2. Inspect Wiring: Examine the wiring leading to the thermistor for any signs of damage, such as fraying or exposed wires. Repair or replace any damaged wiring.
  3. Inspect Thermistor: Carefully inspect the evaporator thermistor itself for any physical damage. If it appears damaged, it may need replacement.

If the error code persists after conducting these checks or if you’re unsure about making repairs, it’s advisable to contact a Sub-Zero appliance repair specialist. They have the expertise to diagnose and address issues with the thermistor and related components accurately.

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