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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Codes

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Error Code: EC 50

If your compressor’s excessive running time, you may see the Sub-Zero refrigerator error code EC 50. This means the compressor is running too much.

If temperatures are near normal:

  • Refrigerator door is ajar: Close the door and press and hold the door alarm ajar button for 15 seconds to clear the code.
  • Dirty condenser coils: If the temperature is near normal, clean the coils and clear the code by pressing the door ajar alarm button for 15 seconds.
  • Grille or kick plate is blocked or enclosed: Make sure nothing is obstructing the grille or kickplate. Obstructions can cause sealed system failures that require a professional repair.

If refrigerator temperatures are significantly higher, refrain from troubleshooting and contact a professional repair service.

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