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Sub-Zero Ice Maker Machine error Codes

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Machine Error Code: EC27

Error Code EC27 on a Sub-Zero ice maker machine suggests an issue with the ice maker’s cube formation process. To diagnose and potentially address this error, follow these steps:

  1. Reset the Ice Maker:
    Begin by resetting the ice maker. Turn off the ice maker for a few minutes and then turn it back on. Sometimes, a reset can clear minor issues.
  2. Check for Obstructions:
    Inspect the ice maker’s components, including the ice cube mold and surrounding areas, for any visible obstructions, ice buildup, or foreign objects that might be affecting the cube formation process. Ensure that the ice mold is clean and free of debris.
  3. Temperature Settings:
    Verify that the temperature settings for the ice maker are within the recommended range. Incorrect temperature settings can affect ice cube formation.
  4. Inspect Cube Formation Components:
    If you have experience with appliance maintenance and feel comfortable doing so, you can visually inspect components related to ice cube formation, such as the ice mold, thermostat, and related mechanisms. Look for signs of damage or misalignment.
  5. Professional Assistance:
    If the EC27 error code persists after attempting the above steps or if you are unsure about inspecting or repairing components related to ice cube formation yourself, it’s advisable to contact a Sub-Zero service technician. They can perform a more in-depth diagnosis and address issues with cube formation or related components if necessary.

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