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Samsung washer error codes

Samsung Washer Error Code tE1, tE2, tE3

Error code meaning: Temperature sensor error

These three errors—tE1, tE2, and tE3—each correspond to distinct sensors in your washing machine.

  • tE1: This error indicates a problem with the heating sensor, typically related to the connections on the thermistor or potential issues with the wiring to the water heating element.
  • tE2: The tE2 error points to an issue with the sensor on the fan duct, which may be caused by wiring problems with the thermistor.
  • tE3: Similar to tE2, this error signifies a duct heating sensor issue.

These errors are typically associated with various defects, often involving electrical or wiring issues. Repairing these errors can be complex, making it advisable to seek professional assistance if you encounter any of these error codes. A qualified technician can accurately diagnose and address the specific sensor-related issue, ensuring that your washing machine operates smoothly.

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