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Samsung washer error codes

Samsung Washer Error Code tE

Error code meaning: Temperature sensor issue

The tE error code indicates a problem with a water temperature sensor that monitors the heating of the device. The Samsung washing machine doesn’t receive or get incorrect information from the sensor. Usually tE error appears on the display when the voltage level of the water heating sensor is less than 0.2 V or more than 4.5 V.

When tE error code occur, in rare cases, it is possible to remove the error manually, as they signal the malfunctions.


The washing machine issues the tE error when:

  • temporary malfunction of the control module;
  • poor connection of contacts of the temperature sensor or the heating element;
  • failure of the temperature sensor.


How To Eliminate The TE Error Code

  1. If the control module fails, turn off the machine from the network. Wait a few minutes, and then restart the washing process;
  2. In case of bad contacts in the temperature sensor or heating element, move them as if inserting a plug into the socket;
  3. If the sensor readings are incorrect, reset the data by pressing the corresponding correction button. The majority of modern Samsung washing models are equipped with this button.

This is how to solve the problem if it is not a severe breakdown.


To eliminate more serious damage, call a specialist if you face with:

  • The fault indication occurs after starting the washing or before water heating. Most often, the problem is in a faulty temperature sensor that is responsible for water heating. In this case, specialists recommend changing the heater.
  • The washer doesn’t heat water and issues the error a few minutes after the program start. The case is in the faulty TEN, which requires replacement.
  • The washing machine blocks the door and doesn’t operate, or doesn’t perform drying. In the case in the faulty control module, you may need a complete replacement of the module.
  • The washer shows tE1, tE2, tE3 error code. It is necessary to change the temperature sensors of the heater, the fan casing, and the condensate temperature.

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