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Samsung washer error codes

Samsung Washer Error Code E4

Error code meaning: Water supply error. The appliance is not detecting that the unit is filling with water.

The Samsung Washer Error Code E4 typically indicates a water supply error, where the appliance is not detecting that the unit is filling with water properly. To address this issue, follow these steps:

Check the water hose

  1. First, unplug the washing machine from the mains
  2. Move the washing machine forward so you can access the hose
  3. Check there are no kinks, damage, or any other kind of obstructions to the hose

Check Water Supply
Ensure that the water supply to the washer is turned on and that there is adequate water pressure (minimum: 0.5 bar, maximum: 8 bar). Make sure the water hoses are not kinked or twisted.

Clean the water hose’s mesh filter

It’s important to clean this filter at least twice a year

  1. Turn off the water supply
  2. Disconnect the inlet hose from the water supply, then disconnect the L-shaped arm from the washing machine
  3. Gently pull out the mesh filters, including the water solenoid inlet on the washing machine
  4. Rinse the mesh filters under running water until they’re clean
  5. Once the filters are clean, reinsert them where they came from
  6. Reconnect the hoses, first to the washing machine then to the water supply
  7. Make sure the connections are watertight, then turn the water supply back on and check for water leakages

Clean the dispenser drawer

E4 can sometimes appear if there’s a blockage in the dispenser drawer

  1. Remove the dispenser drawer and check if there are any obstructions
  2. Clean the drawer if you need to
  3. Reinsert the drawer

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