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Samsung Refrigerator issues

Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water Inside the Fridge

If you found your fridge leaking water inside a freezer, give particular attention to the following reasons that result in leaking.

  • Water Filter:
    The water filter can be one of the issues if it is not fitted correctly on the filter housing. If not, water may leak from it. Moreover, the water filter head might be cracked, or the seal may be torn or missing. In this case, inspect the water filter head and water filter housing for cracks or other damages. If you discover any in one of them, replace the head or the housing.
  • Condensation Issue:
    Condensation tends to collect on all surfaces inside the refrigerator. When there’s enough of it, it begins to drip. Besides, you may notice moisture on the sides of the refrigerator if you’re in the habit of transferring warm items directly from the stove. But the most common source of condensation is outside air entering through a worn gasket on the refrigerator door that is not sealing properly.
  • Refrigerator Water Reservoir
    Water tank assemble can be the place where you can find out leaking. You should inspect the water tank assembly for any leaks. But keep in mind that if the leak is too small and it will be hard to find. If you managed to discover a leak, replace the water tank. Do not attempt to adhere the water tank with glue, it’s very dangerous.

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