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Samsung Range Major Issues

Samsung Range Self-Cleaning Issues

Struggling with countless Samsung self cleaning oven problems each time you run self clean?

Well, for some reason, the self clean feature on Samsung oven often causes tons of issues to these units on using it so you are not alone if you have answered yes.

In fact, self clean seems to be extremely hard on most Samsung ovens and tends to lead to frustrating problems, sometimes even when the correct procedure is followed.

To give you a better picture of how troublesome the feature is, below are a couple of typical problems that users frequently complain will arise on using the Samsung self clean option:


Common Samsung self cleaning oven problems

Problem 1:

You start the self-clean cycle (it is recommended you do this once Samsung oven self clean symbol is displayed). Then, in the middle of the cycle, the control panel on your Samsung oven goes dark and stops working at all. And all of a sudden, you are stuck with an oven that won’t cook/bake!

Problem 2:

You start the self-clean cycle and it runs until it appears to have been completed. But to your surprise, the door remains locked. Your first thought is that it could be a power issue so you proceed to check. But alas! To your shock, the cooktop is still working normally meaning the oven has power!


How to troubleshoot common Samsung self cleaning oven problems

Before we go further, let us look at the recommended fixes for some of the familiar self cleaning oven glitches:

Samsung oven door locked after self-cleaning

  1. Fix 1: Power cycle the oven at the breaker for about 60 seconds. You then power the unit back on. Alternately, you can unplug it for about 5 minutes then plug it back in. This should reset the unit and hopefully make the door to unlock.
  2. Fix 2: If the door remains locked, press the “Self Clean” button then press Clear/Off after 60 or so seconds. Trying to run a new self-clean cycle then cancelling it partway may engage and disengage the lock leading to the door unlocking.
  3. Fix 3: If you have not succeeded yet, try to run a brief self-cleaning cycle (Set timer for between 1-2 hours) then allow the oven to cool off for a few hours. Letting it cool completely sometimes helps free the door lock.

Even as you troubleshoot this, don’t forget that the oven door is designed to remain locked until your oven has completely cooled after the self-clean cycle is finished.

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