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Samsung Range Error Codes

Samsung Range Error Code: tESt or tE5t

The error code “tESt” or “tE5t” on a Samsung range usually indicates that the appliance is in “Demo Mode.” Demo mode is a display mode used in stores to showcase the features of the range without actually cooking food. It is not a fault or error in the appliance’s operation.

To exit Demo Mode and return your Samsung range to normal operation, you can typically follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Demo Mode Button: On most Samsung ranges, there is a “Demo Mode” or “Demo” button. Look for this button on the control panel.
  2. Press and Hold the Demo Mode Button: Press and hold the “Demo Mode” button for a few seconds until the display or indicator lights change or turn off. This action should deactivate Demo Mode.
  3. Reset Power: In some cases, you may need to unplug the range or turn off the circuit breaker for a minute and then plug it back in or flip the breaker back on to ensure that Demo Mode is completely deactivated.

After following these steps, your Samsung range should no longer display the “tESt” or “tE5t” error code, and it should operate normally. If you continue to have issues or if the error code persists, consult your range’s user manual or contact Appliance Repair Los Angeles for further assistance.

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