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Samsung Range Error Codes

Samsung Range Error Code: C-10

This code can appear when you are performing self diagnosis on an oven through the SmartThings app. It should not show up during regular cooking. The code doesn’t really indicate a problem with the oven unless it shows up outside of the diagnosis test.

When running a self diagnosis, the error may occur if the initial temperature of the oven is very cold or very hot at the start of the test. This is caused by the sensor’s hardware limitation and is not an actual defect.

If the C-10 error code appears while running the test but the oven is heating normally, the code can be ignored. This error does not affect the oven’s usability or performance.

However, if the error comes up during cooking, on its own, and without running diagnosis, it could potentially be a problem and troubleshooting steps should be taken. For example, you can try resetting the oven.

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