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Samsung dishwasher error codes

Samsung Dishwasher: Error Code HC, IE, 1E

The Samsung dishwasher error codes HC, IE, and 1E are associated with high-temperature heater-related issues. When your dishwasher displays any of these codes, it indicates that the water inside the dishwasher is reaching a boiling temperature.

First, disconnect the power cord of your dishwasher for approximately 30 seconds to reset it. Then, carefully open the dishwasher and empty it of any dishes or items inside. Afterward, fill the detergent dispenser with the appropriate amount of dishwasher detergent.

To mitigate the risk of the water overheating, make sure to run a new cycle with an empty dishwasher, allowing it to fill with cold water. By following these steps, you can help resolve the high-temperature heater-related error codes and ensure the safe and efficient operation of your Samsung dishwasher.

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