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Miele Washer Major Issues

Miele Washer Spin Cycle Problems

Like many important appliance functions, a washer’s spin cycle often goes unnoticed; until soaking wet clothes indicate a problem. Why is my Miele washer not spinning like it should? An unbalanced wash load may be hampering the spin cycle. Diagnose spinning issues with these problem-solving tips.

How to Troubleshoot a Miele Washer Not Spinning

While part failures are often responsible, user errors can also result in a Miele washer not spinning and require just a simple adjustment. Here’s how to get to the root of the problem and find the right solution.

Unbalanced Wash Load

When your washer won’t spin clothes, an unbalanced wash load is a common culprit. If the washer tub is off balance, it may not spin as quickly or the washing machine won’t drain all its water.

These common situations can result in an unbalanced wash load:

  • Overloading: Too many items in the wash tub can throw it off balance or make it too heavy to spin properly. Refer to your Miele washer user manual to make sure you don’t exceed the capacity on your model washer.
  • Too few items: Conversely, too few items can clump on one side of the tub, resulting in an imbalance. When washing a small load, add one or two larger items to better balance the wash tub.
  • Washing bulky items: Large items like comforters and rugs can also bunch together on one side of the tub, throwing it off balance. Pause the wash cycle to redistribute these pieces for better balance or add one or two smaller items before resuming.

Incorrect Cycle Setting

A washer spin cycle not working for your particular load may require a change to spin sufficiently. Some settings, like the “Gentle” cycle, use slower spin speeds to avoid harming more delicate fabrics. As this cycle may not spin adequately for a standard load, make sure you’ve selected the right wash setting before starting your washer.

Some model washers also provide the option to change the speed of the spin cycle. If you find your Miele washer not spinning fast enough, try increasing the spin speed for better results.

Broken Drive Belt

If your Miele washer isn’t spinning at all the drive belt may be broken or damaged. This thin, rubber belt wraps around the washer drum via two pulleys, rotating the drum with the motor’s power. If the belt loosens or frays, the washer drum may not spin smoothly. However, if the belt breaks, the washer won’t spin at all. A broken drive belt must be replaced.

Failed Motor Coupling

A motor coupling connects the washing machine’s transmission to the motor so the washer can seamlessly transition functions. A Miele washer not spinning due to a failed motor coupling may be overloaded, as repeated exposure to heavy weight can cause it to break. However, the coupling can also fail with normal wear and tear. When this happens, the washer won’t be able to transition to a spin cycle.

A failed motor coupling can’t be repaired and should be professionally replaced.

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