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Miele Oven Error Codes

Miele Oven Error Code F23

Error Code F23 is typically associated with the pyrolysis function, a self-cleaning feature in Miele ovens. Pyrolysis is a high-temperature cleaning process that incinerates food residues and grime, leaving your oven spotless. However, for pyrolysis to work effectively, it must reach a specific temperature.

Probable Cause:

The primary cause of Error Code F23 is that the pyrolysis temperature has not been reached. When the oven compartment is too dirty, the pyrolysis function may struggle to achieve the required temperature. The accumulated food residues and grime act as insulators, making it challenging for the oven to reach the necessary heat level for self-cleaning.


Resolving Error Code F23 is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps to get your Miele oven back in working order:

  1. Manual Cleaning: Before you can use the pyrolysis function, you must manually clean the oven compartment. Remove any visible food residues, spills, and debris. Wipe down the oven interior, including the racks and trays. Thorough cleaning ensures that pyrolysis can work effectively.
  2. Restart the Pyrolysis Function: After cleaning, restart the pyrolysis function according to your oven’s user manual. The oven should now be able to reach the necessary temperature for self-cleaning.
  3. Regular Maintenance: To prevent the recurrence of Error Code F23, it’s advisable to maintain your Miele oven by cleaning it regularly. Wipe up spills and food residues promptly to keep the oven interior clean and ready for pyrolysis cleaning cycles.

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