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Miele Dishwasher Error Codes

Miele Dishwasher Error Code F18 and F19

Your Miele dishwasher, known for its precision engineering, can occasionally encounter error codes like F18 and F19, both of which are related to the flow meter. The flow meter plays a crucial role in ensuring that your dishwasher receives the optimal water flow rate from the inlet valve. When these error codes appear, it’s an indication that your dishwasher isn’t getting enough water at the correct flow rate, or there may be an issue with the flow meter itself.

Solution #1: Check the Inlet Valve

The inlet valve is the gateway through which water enters your dishwasher via the inlet line (hose or pipe). A damaged or clogged valve can restrict water flow, depriving your dishwasher of the necessary water supply. Inspect the valve for signs of damage, such as rust or limescale buildup. If you detect any issues, it may be necessary to replace the valve to restore proper water flow.

Solution #2: Examine the Circulation Pump

As water flows through the inlet line, it is propelled through the spray arms by the circulation pump. If the circulation pump encounters resistance or becomes faulty, it can impede water flow. You can check the pump’s functionality using a multimeter. If the pump is found to be malfunctioning, consider replacing it to ensure the smooth flow of water through the dishwasher.

Solution #3: Inspect the Heat Pressure Switch

The heat pressure switch is another component that can affect water flow. Ensure that it is functioning correctly. If there are any issues or irregularities, addressing them may resolve the flow meter error.

Taking these steps can help you address Miele dishwasher error codes F18 and F19 related to flow meter issues. However, if you encounter difficulties during the troubleshooting process or if the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

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