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Miele Dishwasher Error Codes

Miele Dishwasher Error Code F02

Your dishwasher is a marvel of modern technology, streamlining the chore of dishwashing. However, even the most sophisticated appliances can encounter issues, like the dreaded F02 error code. In the case of the F02 fault code, it signals trouble with the thermistor, but for a different reason than its counterpart, F01.

F02 Error: Thermistor Open Circuit

When you see the F02 error code, it signifies that the thermistor is experiencing an open circuit. In simpler terms, this means the circuit is incomplete due to disconnected cables. It’s a glitch that can disrupt your dishwasher’s smooth operation.

Solution #1: Reconnecting Cable Harnesses

The first step in resolving the F02 error is to open your dishwasher and carefully examine the heating element’s cables and cable harnesses. Oftentimes, this issue arises due to loose or disconnected connections. Secure these cables in their rightful places, ensuring a solid and uninterrupted connection. Once this is done, you can proceed to test your dishwasher to check if the F02 fault code has been successfully addressed.

Solution #2: Inspecting the Thermistor

For a more comprehensive resolution, you may also want to reference the solution provided in the F01 fault code section. Sometimes, the issues affecting the thermistor may be interconnected with other elements of your dishwasher, and addressing them collectively can lead to a more effective and long-lasting fix.

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