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Miele Dishwasher Major Issues

Miele Dishwasher Detergent Dispensing Issues

When your Miele dishwasher (or any other brand) experiences difficulties with closing a dispenser, you probably could guess that dish detergent isn’t released. Before calling a plumber, check whether the dispenser hasn’t been blocked. Check to see if there’s detergent in the dispenser or on the bottom of the tub after the cycle. Tall items like cookie sheets and cutting boards placed in the lower rack can block the dispenser door. Some customers wonder if they can put dishwasher pods in the bottom of the dishwasher. After it flips out of the automatic dispenser on the door, the dishwasher tablet falls into the bottom of the machine and dissolves in the hot water there. If your dispenser stops working, you can usually put the tablet in the bottom of the machine instead. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t resolve the issue. If the dispenser is malfunctioning, it needs a repair or replacement. If the detergent door is broken and will not close, it may need a small spring to fix it. On some models the latch may BE cracked or damaged causing the issue. You can find parts to fix it separately. If the small door does not close, be sure nothing is blocking it such as residue. Some of these small parts to fix the dispenser are not available as the dishwasher manufacturers sell the complete dishwasher detergent dispenser as the only option. Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting a professional repair technician when your Miele dishwasher functions improperly because of the defective dispenser.

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