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Maytag Washer Error Codes

Maytag Washer Error Code F8 E1 or LO FL

If your Maytag washer displays the error code F8 E1 or LO FL, it signifies a low flow of water into the appliance. This issue occurs when the washer detects insufficient water entering the system, potentially hindering its optimal performance.

  1. Water Supply Issues:

    • Ensure that the water supply to the washer is turned on.
    • Check for an adequate water flow from the source.
  2. Kinked Water Inlet Hoses:

    • Inspect the water inlet hoses for any kinks or restrictions.
    • Straighten or replace hoses if necessary to allow proper water flow.
  3. Anti-Flood Hoses and Controls:

    • Verify that there are no anti-flood hoses or controls in the water line connected to the washer.
    • These safety features may restrict water flow if improperly configured.
  4. Clogged Water Inlet Valve Filters:

    • Over time, debris can accumulate in the water inlet valve filters.
    • Check and clean these filters to ensure a steady water flow.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check Water Supply:

    • Confirm that the water supply to the washer is turned on.
    • Ensure there are no interruptions or restrictions in the water flow from the source.
  2. Inspect Water Inlet Hoses:

    • Examine the water inlet hoses for kinks, bends, or other obstructions.
    • Straighten or replace hoses to allow for unimpeded water flow.
  3. Verify Anti-Flood Features:

    • Confirm the absence of anti-flood hoses or controls that might be limiting water intake.
    • Adjust or remove these features if necessary, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  4. Clean Water Inlet Valve Filters:

    • Locate the water inlet valve filters and inspect for any clogs.
    • Clean the filters thoroughly to remove debris and ensure proper water supply.

If the error persists after performing the above steps, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from Appliance Repair Los Angeles. Our experienced technicians can conduct a comprehensive assessment, identify the root cause, and implement the necessary repairs to restore your Maytag washer to optimal functionality.

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