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Maytag Refrigerator Major Issues

Maytag Refrigerator Strange Noises

A refrigerator’s normal operating sounds are so familiar they blend into the background. So much so that loud noises can be downright startling. Why is my Maytag refrigerator making noise? The drain pan may be loose, making a loud vibrating sound when the refrigerator runs. Use these troubleshooting tips to figure out why your Maytag refrigerator is noisy and how to solve the problem.

How To Quiet A Maytag Refrigerator Making Noise

Sometimes just one part malfunction can result in a whole lot of noise. We’ll list some common part failures that are often responsible for a Maytag refrigerator making noise. But, first, here’s how to rule out the sounds that are part of normal operation.

Normal Maytag Refrigerator Noises

Though Maytag refrigerators run more quietly than ever before, they’re not completely silent. Most refrigerators make a variety of sounds during their day-to-day operation.

Normal refrigerator operating sounds include:

  • Vibrating or rattling: This can occur as the refrigerant flows through the cooling system or water moves through the water lines.
  • Squeaking or grinding: The doors may be rubbing against a cabinet or enclosure when they open.
  • Thumping or hammering: May occur as the water line is being filled.

While all of these sounds suggest normal operation, they can also indicate a problem if they become suddenly louder or more constant. In those instances, a Maytag refrigerator making noise may have the following part malfunctions.

Loose Drain Pan

A loud Maytag refrigerator vibrating noise can often be attributed to a loose drain pan. This pan is secured underneath the refrigerator, collecting any condensation from the defrost system so it can eventually evaporate. If the pan becomes loose, it may vibrate loudly whenever the refrigerator runs. Tightening the pan’s hardware should silence the vibrating sound.  Refer to your user manual to determine how to access the pan on your model refrigerator.

Refrigerator Fan Motor Issue

Is your refrigerator making squealing noise when it runs? This could be due to a motor issue in the evaporator or condenser fans. Both fans cool refrigerant as it flows through various parts of the refrigerator. Pinpointing which fan is the problem depends on the location of the sound.

Here’s how to distinguish fan motor issues:

  • Evaporator fan: Sounds become louder when the refrigerator door is open.
  • Condenser fan: Noise is coming from below or behind the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator won’t cool: The refrigerator feels warm inside or can’t maintain its temperature.

Either fan should be inspected to determine if it’s obstructed or if the motor exhibits continuity with multimeter testing. While obstructions can be removed to eliminate the noise, a damaged fan blade or failed motor means the fan must be replaced.

Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Water inlet valve problems are usually responsible for a Maytag refrigerator making knocking noise. This valve opens and closes to allow water from your home’s supply to enter the refrigerator for water and ice production. Over time, the valve’s interior can become restricted by minerals or sediment, or its electrical controls can malfunction. When this happens, the valve may make a knocking sound as it operates. You may also notice limited water and ice production.

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