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Maytag Oven Major Issues

Maytag Oven Control Panel Malfunctions

Maytag ovens have become extremely popular, and it’s for a reason. To be honest, these ovens are one of the best ones out there. In addition, they have advanced features available and a control panel is one of them. However, the users are struggling with the Maytag oven control panel stopped working issue. If you are one of them, we are sharing the solutions with you!

Maytag Oven Control Panel Stopped Working

1) Electrical Supply

If you are using the electric Maytag oven and the control panel is not working, you have to check the power supplies. First of all, you need to check the power outlet that you are connected to and make sure the oven is connected to 240V outlets. On the other hand, if you are using the gas range, you need to connect it to a 120V power outlet.

When we are talking about electrical supplies, you must ensure that the power outlet is completely operational and there are no voltage fluctuations. In case your power outlet is working properly, you need to check the power cables and ensure that there are no damages to the cables. It doesn’t matter if you have internal damages or external damages, you need to replace the cables.

2) Circuit Breaker

When it comes down to the control panel issue, you have to check the circuit breaker and make sure it is not fused. Generally, the circuit breakers get fused when there are voltage issues. You might need to use a multimeter for checking the blown-out fuse. However, before you replace the fused circuit breaker, we suggest that you check for tripping. This is because if the circuit breaker has tripped, you can switch it on and the oven will work fine.

3) Control Lock

Maytag ovens are designed with control lock functions. That being said, when the control panel stops working, you have to check if the control lock feature is switched on. If it’s on, you won’t be able to use the control panel. So, for switching off the control lock function, look for the control lock button and push it for three seconds. As a result, the control panel will be reset and will start working.

4) Reset The Power

For resetting the power connection, you have to switch off the circuit breaker for at least one minute. After one minute, switch on the circuit breaker and monitor the oven again and test the control panel. We are pretty sure that resetting the power connection will optimize the control panel’s functionality. On the other hand, if you don’t want to switch off the circuit breakers, you can also plug out the power cables or switch off the power button.

5) Assembly

If none of these solutions seem to fix the control panel issue, there are chances that the control panel’s assembly is short and is causing the functionality issues. That being said, you will need to hire a technician for fixing the short control panel. In case your Maytag oven is still in warranty, you can call them for technical support because it will be more cost-effective.

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