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LG Washer Machine Major Issues

LG Washing Machine Won’t Drain Water

A very common cause of this problem is failed pumps or a blockage somewhere along the filter chamber.

So the first thing you should try is turning the washer on its side to allow you unclip the hose and proceed to remove the blockage.

Quick Tip: When unclogging, it’s going to make a mess so get towels first (a lot of water is likely to come out). You then grab a compressor and proceed to blow air into the tube (slowly) until all the nasty debris come out. Be sure to rinse it out properly after you do that.

Also, correct any kinks on the drain hose (if you notice it’s kinked).

The drain pipe should also be installed properly (not less than 34 ” and not higher than 96 ”off the ground) so check if the drain hose is meeting this criteria.

Also, try to clean the drain filter itself– there might be draining problems if it is clogged too (emptying the filter usually helps)

Now, if there’s no visible blockage, then it could mean that the drain pump has failed and it will need replacing- There are tons of “how to videos” on YouTube so performing the replacement is not terribly hard.

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