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LG Washer Machine Major Issues

LG Washing Machine Not Spinning

A washer that won’t spin can leave soaking wet clothes and lots of questions in its wake. Why is my LG front load washer not spinning? Too much detergent may cause an abundance of suds that halts the spin cycle. Troubleshoot an LG washer not spinning to determine if a DIY fix or professional repair will right its rotation.

Washer Worries, Resolved: Why Is My LG Front Load Washer Not Spinning?

While a part failure could result in an LG front load washer not spinning, user error is just as likely a cause. An off-balance wash load, too much detergent or an unlevel washer may stop a spin cycle but are fixed with a simple adjustment. Here’s how to pinpoint the problem.

Wash Load Is Off Balance

Washing bulky items like bedding, towels or rugs can create an imbalance when they bunch together on one side of the wash tub. Similarly, washing especially small loads or overloading the washer can also result in an imbalance. When the tub becomes unbalanced, the washer doesn’t spin at all or can’t complete a spin cycle.

Try these tips to fix an off-balance wash load:

  • Redistribute or remove items: For large or bulky loads, pause the wash cycle and redistribute items to the other side of the wash tub. Try removing some items to wash in a separate load.
  • Add additional items: When washing a single large item or a small load, adding another piece similar in size can better balance the wash tub. Adding several additional small pieces can also achieve better balance.
  • Adjust the spin speed: Lowering the spin speed can facilitate tub rotation for larger items, allowing a spin cycle to continue uninterrupted.

Washer Is Not Level

A washer won’t spin clothes or may spin very loudly if it doesn’t rest evenly on the floor. If a carpenter’s level placed on top of the washer confirms that it’s not level, make sure the flooring underneath the machine is even and that the surface isn’t slippery. If the flooring seems level and secure, the washer’s leveling legs may need to be adjusted so the machine rests evenly.

Follow these steps to level the legs on an LG front load washer:

  • Use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts on all four feet.
  • Turn the bolts on each leg clockwise to raise the washer or counterclockwise to lower it.
  • Rock the washer front to back and side to side. If there is minimal movement and the legs rest evenly on the floor, tighten the lug nuts to lock the legs in place.
  • Run a small wash load on a RINSE/SPIN cycle to make sure it runs to completion.

Too Much Or Wrong Type Of Detergent

How do you know if you used too much detergent? If your LG washer isn’t spinning and is filled with suds, you likely added too much or used a non-HE detergent. You may also notice that your washing machine isn’t draining due to clogs from detergent residue. A front load vs top load washer requires HE detergent to minimize the oversudsing that can stop a spin cycle. However, using too much HE detergent can also result in an excess of suds.

To minimize suds and facilitate spinning, always use HE detergent with an HE washer. Refer to the package instructions to determine how much detergent to add to your wash load and accurately measure each amount.

Broken Drive Belt

A broken drive belt is one of the most common part failures that results in an LG front load washer not spinning. The drive belt is suspended around the wash tub via two pulleys, using power from the washer’s motor to spin the wash tub. Over time, this rubber belt can tear and break, leaving the tub unable to spin. A broken drive belt must be replaced.

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