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LG Oven Error Codes

Lg Oven Error Code: F19

An intermittent F19 error code was frequently appearing in the lower oven. This specific error code is triggered when the oven fails to reach the minimum required temperature within a specified time frame. An ignition failure was suspected as the root cause, leading to the acquisition of a new ignitor. Notably, for double ovens, there are typically two ignitors, and this fact should be considered if both need replacement or are displaying errors.

The ignitor in the lower oven is positioned beneath the metal panel at the oven’s bottom, while the upper oven’s ignitor is located at the top. Accessing the lower oven’s ignitor involves the removal of a blue metal panel secured by two black screws. Once the panel is removed, it can be easily slid out, revealing a silver-colored sheet metal panel underneath. This panel is attached with several sheet metal screws.

Behind the sheet metal panel lies the burner assembly, with the ignitor securely attached. The entire assembly was carefully removed, and the old ignitor was disconnected. Installing the new ignitor involved securely fastening it to the burner assembly. All the disassembled parts were then meticulously reassembled in the reverse order.

Upon reassembly, the oven was powered on, and the new ignitor immediately emitted an orange glow. The oven ignited and rapidly began to heat up, all within a span of fewer than 30 seconds. Successful completion of this repair required the use of a Phillips screwdriver.

Notably, the old ignitor had deteriorated significantly during removal, suggesting it had exceeded its expected lifespan. The ignitor was affixed to the burner assembly using two screws. During the removal process, a stripped thread was encountered on one of the screws, necessitating its replacement after being cut with a hacksaw. It’s advisable to be prepared for the potential need for extra nuts and bolts from a personal inventory or a visit to the local hardware store.

This meticulous repair process effectively resolved the F19 error code, ensuring that the oven functions reliably and efficiently. In complex oven repairs, it is recommended to prioritize safety and consider seeking professional assistance when in doubt.

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