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LG Oven Error Codes

Lg Oven Error Code: F18

Error Code F18 is a signal that your oven has detected an issue related to the oven temperature sensor. The temperature sensor plays a critical role in monitoring and maintaining the oven’s internal temperature. When it malfunctions, it can impact cooking performance.

  1. Safety First: Upon encountering Error Code F18, ensure your safety by turning off the oven through the control panel or by unplugging it.
  2. Temperature Sensor Examination: Inspect the temperature sensor for visible issues. Look for loose wires or connections and ensure the sensor is securely attached to its designated location.
  3. Resistance Testing: Employ a multimeter to test the resistance of the temperature sensor. Refer to your oven’s user manual for the specific resistance values expected for your model. If the readings deviate significantly from the anticipated range, it suggests a faulty sensor that may require replacement.
  4. Reset the Oven: After addressing any sensor issues, try resetting the oven by turning it off and then back on. This simple reset can sometimes resolve minor sensor-related problems.
  5. Professional Assistance: If DIY solutions don’t resolve the issue or if you’re uncertain about the sensor’s condition, it’s a wise choice to contact a professional technician. They can perform a thorough diagnostic check, identify the specific problem with the temperature sensor, and recommend and conduct any necessary repairs or replacements.

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