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LG Oven Error Codes

Lg Oven Error Code: F1

Can indicate one of two things: There’s a stuck button, a bad connection between the touchpad and control board, or that the temperature sensor isn’t within spec. When the temperature sensor isn’t within spec, it can show high ohms even when the oven isn’t in cooking mode.

It can also result in the oven receiving orders to run multiple functions at the same time. The oven will monitor the sensor circuit to make sure it drops back down to 1050-1100 ohms after being in use. If it doesn’t go back down, then that could be what’s generating your error code.

Check your sensor circuit and harness. If the sensors and harness seem to be working fine, the problem is most likely the touchpad.

Has the keypad been exposed to moisture? Washed with ammonia-based cleaning products?

This can short multiple circuits simultaneously. Clear the F1 code and remove the ribbon connector from the touchpad to the electronic range control.

Does the code appear immediately even with the touchpad disconnected? Then it’s most likely the electronic range control that needs to be replaced. If the code doesn’t appear, then it’s the touchpad that’s causing the error code.

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