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LG Oven Error Codes

Lg Oven Error Code: CFF

When your LG oven displays Error Code CFF, it’s signaling an issue with the box fan, indicating that it’s not functioning properly. We’re here to help you understand the error and guide you through troubleshooting and potential solutions.

  1. Immediate Action: When you see Error Code CFF, it’s essential to stop using the oven. Turn it off using the control panel or by unplugging it to prevent potential overheating and further complications.
  2. Inspect the Box Fan: Carefully examine the box fan to ensure it’s not obstructed or blocked by any debris or foreign objects. Look for signs of damage, such as loose or damaged wiring or visible issues with the fan blades.
  3. Test the Fan: Try manually turning the fan blades to see if they move freely. If they are obstructed or appear to be sticking, this could be the source of the problem. Clean any obstructions and ensure the blades turn smoothly.
  4. Reset the Oven: After inspecting and potentially addressing box fan issues, you can attempt to reset the oven. Turn it off and then back on to see if the error code reappears. Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve minor glitches.


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