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LG Dryer Error Codes

LG Dryer Error Code: PS

This error code indicates an issue with the voltage supply to the dryer, specifically improper voltage with the power cord. Here’s the recommended check and repair procedure:

  1. Check Wire Connections: Ensure that the white and red wire connections are not reversed on the dryer’s terminal block. In other words, make sure the white (neutral) and red (hot) wires are connected correctly.
  2. Verify Power Cord: Inspect the power cord for any visible damage or frayed wires. If you notice any issues, replace the power cord.
  3. Check Outlet Voltage: Use a voltage tester or multimeter to measure the voltage at the electrical outlet where the dryer is plugged in. It should be within the specified voltage range (usually 120 volts for most residential dryers).
  4. Check Circuit Breaker/Fuse: Ensure that the circuit breaker or fuse for the dryer’s electrical circuit is not tripped or blown. Reset or replace it if necessary.

Always prioritize safety when dealing with electrical appliances, and if you’re unsure about any aspect of troubleshooting or repair, seek professional assistance.

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